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Flavors of Sicily
Cannolo Siciliano
The Cannoli of Sicily a true gluttony for the gourmets that cannot resist to the temptation to try it. The cannolo it is a cake constituted from a cylindrical fried pasta waffle, which stuffed with an annealed paste of, sugar and yields candied, but also of chocolate cream or white.
Cassata Siciliana
The Sicilian tutti-frutti is a sweetened annealed cake made up of, sponge cake, real pasta, yields candied and sugar icing and its roots go back to the Arabic domination in Sicily. Initially the Sicilian tutti-frutti was producing of the confectionery tradition of the monks.
Frutta Martorana

One of the most classic specialties of the Palermo pastry shop is the martorana fruit that can be acquired in all the Sicily, takes the name from the Convent of Nuns, saying exactly of the Martorana, of Palermo in which it was produced for the first time. Draft of a modeled sweet marazapane in the shape of is yielded perfectly reproduced in the colors and every smaller detail.

Paste di Mandorla

The almond paste, constitutes one of the more representative cakies of the Sicily, where the confectioners, work the almond with the honey until to obtain of an almond pasta, that it can be aromatized lemon-scented or to the orange. Its origins go back to 1100 in the Palermo Convent of the Martorana.

The Torroncini are of the small rectangular sweetness in which they cohabit the morbidezza of the honey and the crispy one of the covered chocolate almonds
Ferri di Cavallo (ferri di cavaddu)
Soft puff pastry which stuffed with pasta of almond and icing sugar spraying

They were the Arabs, second the tradition to invent the first Frozen ones. More just they realized of the water ices (the name derives just from the Arab Sherbet) with the snow of the higher mountains that they sweetened with the honey and they perfumed of cinnamon or jasmine. In the six hundred their invention was resumption from a Sicilian Procopio Knives, which realized a tool that produced ice creams better than those of the Saracen ones, practically, the first plot for ice cream. For its Procopio specialties it used the snow sweetened with the sugar. We advise you to taste the ice cream to the pistachio nut of Bronte.

Piparelli (Pipareddi)
The Piparelli are of cakies constituted from a paste of honey and almonds that is cut to little slices in order to form of a cookie
The Quince tree is one of the most ancient plants from yields known, from its yields “meli the quince trees” gains a most particular jam “the Quince jello”. Conserved in forms details and dried in sunlight it is consumed like cake.
Covered cookies of icing chocolate
Frutta Candita

The canditura is a method of conservation by means of immersion in a sugar syrup. The word to candy comes from the Arab qandat and the obtained produced ones by means of canditura are called candied or yield candied.

Arancine (detti comunementi Arancini)

Arancini of rice (or the arancine), virtue of the Sicilian kitchen, is of the apt little ones timballi to being consumed is like snack that like appetizer, first only quite flat plate or. In Sicily they are found everywhere and at any moment, always warm and redolent in the many friggitorie, of city in city, often they change to form and dimensions, assuming features ovals, to pear or round, according to filling, than often it is miscellaneous. They can be found arancini to the ragout, the ham, the cheese, annealed and the spinach… and so on!
Sure it is almost also the first encounter with the Sicilian gastronomy as this normally happens own with the arancini of rice acquired and consumed on the ferry during crossing of the strait of Messina.


The peak is culinary producing that has for base a paste of water, flour of frumento and leavens, than after a lievitazione at least twenty-four-hour is worked until to obtain a flat, cooked form baked and variously flavored. Although features by now of diffused producing in almost all the world, the peak generally is considered an original plate of the Italian and particularly Sicilian kitchen. In feeling municipality, in fact, refers to us with this term to the round peak flavored with tomato and mozzarella, that is known varying more of the so-called cheese and tomato pizza. The etymology of the name “peak” would derive some second, from “pinsa”, past participle of the verbo latin “to pinsere”, that is to step on, to crush, to tread grapes or from the Mediterranean and Balkan pita, of Greek origin.

Pasta con le sarde
The pasta with the Sardinians (pasta who Sardinians in Sicilian) is a typical dish of the Sicilian kitchen. The main ingredients are the Sardinians, the pasta and the finocchietto. The Sardinian is a much diffused oily fish in the Mediterranean.
Sarde a beccafico
The Sardinians to beccafico are luscious a second flat one of Sicilian origin. The connubio of tastes that stir in this plate of it ago a particularly savory and gluttonous pietanza. Sardinians, parsley, anchovies, pine nuts, bread crumb, salt and pepper are the ingredients.
The Parmesan of eggplants is a Sicilian typical prescription. Gravy of tomato, eggplants sliced, leaves of basil, whom shredded $parmesan and Oil of Olive.
Pesce Stocco a ghiotta
The Fish Rapier to gluttonous is a typical dish of the province of Messina that obtains from the conserve of the which desiccated cod, coming from the sea of the Norway, cooked with abundant extra oil virgin of olive, tomato paste, olives, capers, chilli pepper, potatoes and celery.
Involtini di melanzane ripieni con spaghetti
Spaghetti, fried eggplants, sauce of tomato, annealed grated, oil and basil… of an indescribable goodness…


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