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The Beaches
SAN MARCO - Calatabiano

The beach called "San Marco" at Calatabiano extends along the coastal stretch to the south of the mouth of the Alcantara river, immersed in an area rich in nature between the mouth of the Alcantara river and that of the river Fiumefreddo.  It is a sandy beach with shingles, one of the most beautiful along the western Sicilian littoral. The beach is close to the Etna mountain; it is several kilometres long and it is lined by  a reforestation of Acacia and Eucalyptus trees. The sea that splashes along this beach is truly blue and clear, it is always clean thanks to the scant presence of settlements along this stretch of coastline.  The only settlement is the small touristic village of San Marco, which is characterised by crops and citrus orchards that grow right down to beachside.  A few stretches of the beach are equipped with umbrellas and deckchairs.

RECANATI - Giardini Naxos

The "Recanati"  beach, in the territory of  Giardini Naxos, is quite long and sandy. In the summertime one may find stretches with free public access as well as stretches with lidos providing beach services at a fee. The area is full of hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, bars and discotheques.  Every year, this seaside location hosts thousands of tourists and offers excellent services and entertainment for everyone.

SCHISO' - Giardini Naxos

The "Schisò" beach is made up of fine and golden sand and is washed by the Ionian sea.  It is a rather frequented beach, with various lidos that for a fee offer deckchairs, umbrellas and entertainment, as well as  bars, restaurants and Pizzerias. This beach also has stretches of free access public areas where one can swim and sunbath. This is the beach that had welcomed the first Greek colonies that arrived in Sicily.

SAN GIOVANNI - Giardini Naxos

The small beach of  "San Giovanni" is dominated by the church of the same name  and the beach is characterised with  fine sand and one may find various commercial activities as well as free open spaces.


The beach called "Porto Saia" is characterised by small inlets with volcanic rock protruding from the waters. At this site, one can smell the algae and the rocks and to enjoy the sun.  Nearby is the club for the followers of canoeing. 


The "Villagonia"  beach is found at the foot of Taormina, close by the train station of Taormina-Giardini

ISOLA BELLA - Taormina

The beach known as  "Isola Bella" is an oasis of beauty downhill from Taormina and is made up of gravel and pebbles.  Here one may find some good restaurants and lidos offering deckchairs and umbrellas for a fee but there are also stretches of free public beaches. The surrounding sea is blue, clear and transparent, with a beautiful seabed. Isola Bella is a nature reserve.

MAZZARO' - Taormina

The "Mazzarò" beach is found in a beautiful and enchanting inlet and it is formed of small pebbles with deep waters and a turquoise sea. From this site, it is possible to take excursions by boat to explore grottos including the famous blue grotto.

SPISONE - Taormina
The beach known as "Spisone" is actually found in the bay of Taormina with fee charging lidos but also having many free access public beaches.  It is a very suggestive place due to the rocky formations that sprout out of the waters. The beach is made up of small pebbles. The sea is turquoise
MAZZEO - Letojanni

The "Mazzeo" beach is found between Mazzarò and Letojanni.  This beach is longer than the one at Letojanni and the sand is slightly finer.  Thanks to its good location, the sun lovers flock to this spot from Taormina and thereabouts.

LUNGOMARE di Letojanni

One of the best known beaches on the western coast of Sicily must be the beach of  “Letojanni" which is characterised by the splendid expanse of sand. As a backdrop, there is the promontory of Taormina and in front one can find the crystal clear waters. The wind which breezes along the splendid beach attracts the followers of paragliding  who land at this spot. The beach is characterised both by private, fee charging lidos as well as various free public beaches were bathers are free to set up their own umbrellas.

Sant'Alessio Siculo
The beach Letojanni be reached with ease from our facilities. You can opt for two routes, or follow the road that leads to Messina or Giardini Naxos with Taormina motorway exit and then continue on the highway towards Messina. A few kilometers away is the famous Castle Letojanni which stands on a promontory overlooking the beach and features a shoreline of soft sand. It 's interesting to swim just below the castle in the small bay and from there a boat or a pedal boat to explore views and hidden corners of paradise.


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